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Yaroslav Samoylov,
software designer & design engineer

2020-2022 / Various Clients

Interactive prototypes using SwiftUI, ReactJS, NextJS, CSS/HTML

Design & Code: Yaroslav Samoylov

2019-2022 / Gubagoo -> Released

A service to sell cars fully online. Clients include Audi, BMW, Land Rover, Nissan, Toyota, Volvo, Porsche and other brands

Product design: Emrah Demirag, Eugene Belyakoff, Tim Marks, Yaroslav Samoylov

Direction: Alyssa Bouranova, John Ellithorp, Jordie Lowe,Miran Maric and whole Asbury AG, Ryan Osten, Tim Marks


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2022 / Personal -> Released to the App Store

Audiobook player designed to listen to long books

Product designer and developer: Yaroslav Samoylov

I had a problem while using an audio player: its scroll bar was small and wasn't comfortable when scrolling through my 10h+ long books. It was hard to be precise when scanning for a certain moment. I wanted to be able to scrub through an audio book for 10s or 4h in a convenient way.

My solution was to design a custom scroller. Its width is equal to the length of a book in seconds, so the bar goes all the way off the screen, and it scrolls using the native iOS ScrollView – which allows you to scroll both very slow and very fast with few swipes.

This way scanning is joyful and easy for any amount of time: seconds, minutes or hours.

2022 / Gubagoo -> Released

Vehicle protection as part of buying process

Product design: Yaroslav Samoylov

Direction: Jordie Lowe, Ryan Osten